• Welcome to Cocoa Abrabopa Association (CAA)

    Cocoa Abrabopa Association is a non-political and not for profit organisation made up of about 7,000 cocoa farmers who seek to improve their livelihoods through sustainable cocoa production.
  • Extension and Capacity Building

    Cocoa Abrabopa Association transfers scientific knowledge of cocoa farming and business and entrepreneurial skills and provides certification training to members of the Association.
  • Sustainable Cocoa Production and Certification

    Cocoa Abrabopa Association ensures sustainable cocoa production. All members are required to conform to specific social, economic, bio diverse and environmental, health and safety, traceable and transparent requirements.
  • Financial and Technical Support

    Cocoa Abrabopa Association provides members with tailor made input packages and provides application training to optimise the productivity of the cocoa farms.
  • Development and Innovation

    Cocoa Abrabopa Association provides members with access: to state of the art warehouses; to information updates on agricultural-, certification practices and weather forecast through mobile phones; to a call centre help line for relevant advice and guidance.
  • Professionalisation of Farmers

    Cocoa Abrabopa Association is governed through a representation of its members by a council and through its Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Pension Scheme

    Cocoa Abrabopa Association in conjunction with its partners has established access to a pension scheme which is branded Cocoa Abrabopa Pension Scheme (CAPS).
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