Our Vision


The overriding vision of Cocoa Abrabopa Association (CAA) is to make the cocoa sector in
Ghana more viable by increasing cocoa yields and earning better returns on Ghana’s cocoa
on the world market.” CAA envisions providing an inclusive, equal and just community of

cocoa farmers that promote gender equality among members.


Our Mission


Our mission is to improve the livelihoods and incomes of cocoa farmers through gender
equity and sustainable cocoa production. We achieved this by offering practical, scientific
knowledge on cocoa farming and good agricultural practices; certification to ensure
sustainable cocoa production; Tailor made input packages such as fertilizers and crop
protection products on credit; good governance and structure that promotes affirmative
action; state of the art warehousing solutions and access to a Cocoa Abrabopa Pension

Hence, the corporate name ‘COCOA ABRABOPA’ literally means ‘Cocoa for better life’.


Our Core Values

All our actions are guided by our core values:
1. Professionalism: We, at Cocoa Abrabopa act in a professional manner. It is through actions which are being lead by ethical and global cocoa certification standards that we will become the number one partner in the industry and improve the livelihood of our member farmers. 
2. Team work: Team work is the key in all our dealings as an Association. This is why we and our farmers continue to adopt the “Nndoboa”concept – literally meaning group/team work – which ensures that farmers help each other in times of need.
3. Empowerment: We empower our farmers by passing on knowledge and improving their income. This is achieved by offering tailor made input packages on credit to ensure high yields, technical/practical coaching and premium payment against certified beans.
4. Hard work and Honesty: Hard work and honesty has been our back bone until today. Our farmers work hard on a daily basis to produce the finest cocoa beans for both local and international consumption. We as an association are also honest and frank with our farmers in dealing with them to ensure that we always deliver on our promises.
Hard work and Honesty literally depicts our slogan ‘Nukware de ne Adzuma den Eye paa’. It literally means hard work and honesty is very good.