Kumankoma Company Limited (KCL) is a Licensed Buying Company (LBC) that purchases the majority of the cocoa beans from Cocoa Abrabopa Accociation (CAA) members since October 2013. The partnership with CAA was initiated by members of the association to guarantee a fair share of the profits for CAA members when selling their cocoa.
Key principles of KCL are Quality, Transparency, Traceability and Innovations and the philosophy that members will get paid for the real weight of the cocoa bag. They are assisted in planning their sales to ensure a steady flow of income, and they are dealing directly with KCL without the interference of Purchasing Clerks. 
KCL has introduced a few new aspects into the buying of cocoa, including: Free scales; mobile money; direct contact with farmers for planning and projections of sales; possibility for farmers to repay their loan on agro inputs with cocoa; possibility for farmers to contribute with cocoa towards the Cocoa Abrabopa Pension Scheme, and use of software at farmers level to ensure purchases done in the field are directly communicated to both the KCL and CAA head offices.