This service provides members with tailor-made input packages such as fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides on credit. It includes demonstrations on how to apply these agricultural inputs in such a way so that it optimises the productivity of the cocoa farms. It also provides a Safe Input Package (SIP) which consists of a set of protective clothes (boots, overall, gloves, nose mask, goggles, hat) and a re-entry sign that go together with the inputs to ensure the members apply the inputs while being well protected. The input package also consists of indigenous shade tree seedlings which provide shade in the cocoa farms which increases yield as well as biodiversity.

Cocoa Abrabopa Association (CAA) collaborates with the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) and other partners to make high quality CRIG tested, approved and recommended agricultural inputs available to its members. All the recommended agricultural inputs comply with international, environmental and health and safety standards.